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Effervescent, fizzy, ravishing and tasty

Sailor soft drink is available in five interesting flavors. Enjoy drinking Sailor in flavors Jeera Masala, Green apple, Clear lemon, Indie cola and Tangy lemon. Sailor is designed to complement your food or snack as well as could be relished all by itself. For a drink as versatile and refreshing as sailor, you could have it anytime, be it after a workout or on times when you want to pamper yourself after a long day of work. Enjoy this drink at any time of the day and have it either straight up or frappe, you will always find Sailor sparkling, refreshing and delicious!

Not only is Sailor tasty, soothing and delectable, it will remind you of the mighty, courageous and rampant yet jolly minded sailors such as those in Pirates of Carribean! Umm- did we remind you of Captain Jack Sparrow by any chance? All smiles, we are sure he would love this drink as much as you!

Made with assorted flavors, Sailor is a one of a kind drink that will soothe you and make you feel energized within a few sips. And there is strength and high spiritedness in all its sparkles, much like a Sailor!

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