Jeera Masala

Aims Beverages' Jeera Masala beverages are known for their best-in-class taste and refreshing properties. The delicious flavor is even more enhanced with our authentic flavor manufacturing process, and you get a mouth-watering Jeera Masala soft drink to get rid of the summer heat. Our Jeera masala beverages are made with fine quality raw materials, and we prepare most of the ingredients in-house so as to give you the highest quality beverages at the most competitive prices.

Our edge over the others in our industry arises from the simple fact that we focus on the quality and the safety measures and conform to the international norms of food production to ensure that our Jeera masala soft drinks are not just delicious, but safe for consumption too.

Beat the summer woes with our Jeera Masala beverages, because we give you the taste, as well as the goodness in the ingredients. Jeera is beneficial for the stomach for its soothing properties, and through our manufacturing process, these medicinal and health-based factors remain intact.

We strive to put quality first, and our processes yield products such as Jeera Masala soft drinks that can become your favorite everyday drink instantly!

Available variants: 300ml, 600ml, 1250ml, 2000ml  

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