Green Apple

Our green apple flavored sailor beverages are renowned for their tastes and richness of fresh green apples that we impart to them through our manufacturing processes. Found in only certain parts of India, green apples are a great source of antioxidants and dietary fiber. Green apples provide several health benefits including easy digestion, appetite control, providing energy, reducing liver and digestive tract issues, lowering cholesterol levels, etc.

Our range of sailor beverages includes a green apple flavored beverage which helps you consume the goodness in green apples through a mouth-watering drink. We have made it easy and fun for you to obtain the health benefits of green apples through our sailor beverages. We specialize in food production, and our juices and beverages are known across the world for their richness and quality.

We follow internationally adopted processes and conform to global food production standards to offer sailor beverages that are 100% safe for consumption. It is our responsibility to make your drinks safe, and we do that with commitment.

Moreover, with our sailor beverages, you get to feel refreshed in scorching heat when your peers are getting drained of their energy. Get energized and boosted with our sailor beverages.

Available variants: 300ml, 600ml, 1250ml, 2000ml  

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