Andar ki Awaz...

At Aims Beverages, we offer rebellion club soda, our specialty product which is a simple offering, but the one that is in high demand. With just a sip of our plain rebellion club soda, we guarantee that you feel free and energized to the core. This summer, you need something that can boost you and propel you towards the targets you have set for yourself.

Available variants: 600ml  

Don't give in to the scorching summer heat. Instead, try our rebellion club soda and feel the energy and boost in yourself instantly. We develop this fizzy drink by adding carbon dioxide to water, and we like to call our rebellion club soda as a bottled rebellion. The rebel in you, the person in you who wants to achieve highly and who wants to grab every goodness in this world will reach higher with our rebellion club soda.

Not just that, you may feel lethargic at times, owing to a little overeating, or you may just feel low on energy. Our rebellion club soda will solve both issues for you as it has inherent digestive properties. The invigorating feeling that our rebellion club soda provides will instantly energize you and will turn you into a go-getter! Recharge and refill your spirits with our rebellion club soda.

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